Your business is about more than profit – it's about impact, shaping the future, and sustainable delivery. We're not just designers. We partner with you to reimagine eCommerce with conscious design that resonates with your customers.

How we design with purpose

Design isn't merely functional. It's how customers feel about your brand, and what makes them choose you in a fiercely competitive market. Your website embodies your mission, attracting those who believe in what you do. We're here to help you forge those connections, turning shared values into lasting relationships.

Our Commitments


We forge a partnership with you, ensuring every step we take together aligns with your vision and goals.


We craft solutions as unique as your brand, we translate your distinct vision into impactful digital experiences.


Our commitment is your peace of mind. We deliver not just on time, but with integrity and precision.


Our designs are timeless, evolving with trends while maintaining their relevance and impact.


We build lasting relationships, fostering trust and collaboration for enduring success.

Sustainable Insight.

We understand the unique complexities of sustainable brands, empowering you to overcome challenges & thrive.

Mauro Semedo | Owner & Lead UX Designer

Headshot image of Mauro Semedo | Founder & Lead UX Designer at Studio Mauro
I always envisioned a kinder world, and that’s what drew me to working with sustainable brands. My vision is for them to be the obvious choice for every consumer.

My journey started on a farm, surrounded by goats, chickens, pigs, pigeons, cats, dogs and rabbits. Seeking a way to make a difference, I explored both culinary and business analysis paths. Yet, neither felt like the right tool to empower people and create a better world. Then, I discovered design. Its potential to influence choices and connect people with impactful brands is the perfect way to achieve my vision.

I craft user-centered design solutions that prioritize clarity and emotional resonance. Helping you to achieve your mission helps us to achieve ours. Here’s how we could work together: ↓
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